Ah, coffee, we all love coffee don’t we? But what could possibly make it better…. How about a milk frother?

First of all, it’s probably best to explain what a milk frother is. While they may not be found in every home, keen coffee-lovers will most likely own one!

A milk frother, simply froths the milk, as you would expect. Except, how does it froth the milk? Simple, it rapidly moves the milk, which forms air bubbles, such as whisking a substance when you’re baking, however this creates foam at the top of the mixture.

Once the milk frother has done, you will be left with a foamy substance. This foamy substance, when added to coffee, enhances the rich flavour.

However, coffee is not the only use for an electric milk frother, you can also use it for milkshakes, and hot chocolates – the possibilities are endless.

frothing-milk-with-milk-frother Due to the small, miniscule design of most milk frothers, it can be stored almost anywhere in the home, until it’s time for another coffee that is… There are also many types of milk frother, such as: Electric Frother, Motorized Whisks, and Hand Pumps.

Benefits of Having an Electric Milk Frother

  • Café Grade Coffee At Home

    This is probably one of the main benefits, think about how much money you spend at your local coffee shop on Coffee, but when you have coffee at home?

    You simply do it for the foamed milk on the top, however – think about the beneficial savings, if you bought your own milk frother, and made your own coffee shop grade coffee, all from the comfort of your own house.

  • Money Savings

    This ties in with the point above, think about how much money you will save, while a milk frother may be a large investment at first, you will soon save much more money to cover the cost of buying your own.

    Plus, you get delightful coffee’s, and hot chocolate’s at home.

  • Fun for Kids

    How many milkshakes do your kids drink? How about their glass of milk before bed? How cool would they think an electric milk frother is, I guarantee they’d think it was pretty cool… It may even persuade them to go to sleep!

    However, on a serious note – milk is essential to a child’s development, therefore it is essential that they drink a good amount of it, but sometimes it can be tricky to get your child to drink enough milk, however with an electric milk frother, they’ll be begging you for the milk!

  • Convenience

    How many times have you yearned for a relaxing coffee from your local coffee shop, to find out it’s closed? Then you have to settle for an inferior coffee at home…

    However, with an electric milk steamer you no longer need to settle for inferior coffee, simply make your own coffee shop grade coffee at home, whenever you want – without having to leave the house, and pay a few dollars. The convenience of this machine is truly wonderful, and allows you, and the whole family to enjoy delicious milk based drinks, regardless of what time of the day it is.

  • Not Just for Coffee

    While whenever you think of an electric milk frother, you think of coffee – it can also be used for a large number of drinks… Some of these include, hot chocolate, milkshakes, tea.

    Most milk frothers will only work with milk in the machine, so you simply froth the milk – and then add it to whatever you want, whether it be hot chocolate powder, coffee, tea – the choices are endless, an electric milk frother is a truly versatile piece of kit for your home, and your kitchen, and fun for the whole family.

  • Why Not?

    Why not purchase an electric milk frother? You’ll easily earn back the money you spent on it by simply not having to visit the local coffee shop as much, plus all your family and friends will think you’re amazing when you give them a coffee with foamed milk!

    Think about how many people will actually use it, and enjoy it – the kids, the partner, visitors such as your mum, your grandma possibly – all of these people would be absolutely delighted with a proper coffee, with frothed milk!

    Especially when you remember the kids will love it for their milkshakes!

  • Design

    The majority of milk frothers feature wonderful, attractive designs that will compliment your existing kitchen appliances, so you can proudly store it on your worktop with the rest of your appliances, and easily grab it whenever you need it.

    The attractive and sleek design that many milk frothers offer will simply keep you wanting more.

  • Ease of Use

    It really is much cheaper, and easier to use than the steaming wand that your local coffee shop will use, and hence is truly wonderful. Many electric milk frothers offer a huge variety of customization too, between hot and cold froth, and also different densities.

    The density of the froth is controlled by the frothing disc, with a premium electric milk frother you can simply swap the discs, which can be purchased separately, and enjoy different densities of milk.

    This is wonderful if you aren’t too fond of how dense your local coffee shop does their frothed milk, therefore you can finally truly make your coffee your own, all for the small cost of an electric milk frother.


In conclusion, why haven’t you purchased an electric milk frother yet? They’re incredibly affordable, and last years and years of daily use, providing you with a much better morning coffee, each and every morning. It will benefit the whole family, from the kids with their milkshakes, to the grandma curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate!

Everybody will love it, especially when you consider all of the points made above, the increased convenience of owning your own is wonderful, giving you café grade drinks, all from the convenience, and comfort of your own home.

An electric milk frother is one of the easiest milk frothers to use, and hence will create perfect frothed milk, each and every time without fail. Going to the local coffee outlet every morning before work can be expensive, can you really afford that?

But then think, the cost of about 10 coffees from a coffee shop, is around the same cost as an electric milk frother, and a jar of coffee for home is much cheaper, it really is unbelievable how much you can save by frothing milk at home instead of visiting coffee shops.


Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

The Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother is very reliable that could help you achieve making an excellent cup of coffee at home. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and clean.

In term of frothed milk quality, Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother is #1 milk frother that can make the highest quality in the smallest time running. This product is the perfect option to make your coffee at home.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Easy to clean (Dishwasher safe).
  • Has 2 different frothing disc for Latte & Cappucino. They are both dishwasher safe.
  • Automatically shut down once achieve the desired temperature.
  • Perfect for cold beverages.


  • For best result, must clean the frothing disc after each use.
  • Only has as a maximum capacity of 16 oz milk.
  • Require a minimum amount 8 oz of milk to work properly.