There is great coffee that comes from all around the world. Each different culture and country has their own style and brings their own flavor to coffee. This means that there is plenty that can be gained from different places. There are countries that you wouldn’t always associate with coffee, that actually have a great deal to offer in their coffee offerings. One of these countries is Russia. Mother Russia may not be the first place you think of when you think about great coffee, but there are some Russian coffee brands that I think are well worth your time if you are looking for interesting items to try. I will explore some of the best coffee brands that come from Russia that I think are worthy of brewing yourself.

Russian Coffee Brands

I always like to try out new products from all around the world. I never rule out a coffee or brand of coffee simply based on where it hails from. I have been pleasantly surprised by brands from various places that I never expected to be impressive. Russian coffee is surprisingly good. The Russians actually have a great appreciation of coffee and are not only satisfied in shipping it in from other countries. While they do sometimes do welcome the experience of other cultures, they work hard to make these learned techniques into something distinctly Russian and delicious.


Zhokei Coffee

If you are looking for a Russian coffee without many frills, you have found a friend in Zhokei Coffee. It is a coffee that is packaged in an unassuming package and tends to sit mid to low self. It is not incredibly pricey, hovering in the mid range as far as cost. The caffeine kick provided by this brand of Russian coffee is quite effective. It is a middle range strength. It is not the strongest thing on the shelf but is by no means a slouch. Zhokei Coffee promises a rich, fresh and full flavored coffee to its drinkers. If you are looking for a new everyday coffee and want something a bit out of the norm, this Russian coffee fits the bill perfectly. This is the kind of coffee that you want on a regular basis.


Since 2003, Moscow has produced a coffee known as Oquendo. This Coffee is an organic coffee that is roasted in a very particular way. The technique used to roast the beans is known as torrefacto. This technique was developed in Europe, but the Russian coffee smiths have a good handle on the processes. The method that this coffee is roasted involves including some sugar into the bean roasting process. Although the coffee does not turn out overly sweet, the roast gets an interesting and unique quality that is worth a try. If you are not used to coffee prepared in this way, you should know there is no risk to your grinders because of the sugar grain. It is all safe to prepare this coffee like you would any other kind of bean.

This brand of Russian coffee is loaded with antioxidants as well as a bold and unique flavor that is an amazing treat for any coffee lover.This rich coffee proves that Russians can make coffee as well as anyone else, and armed with the special style of torrefacto roasting from Spain they have reached another level of taste with this amazing brand of coffee. The method reduces the bitterness and acidity of the bean making a perfectly pleasant cup of coffee that is perfect on a cold, snowy morning.

Elite Coffee

If you like high-end coffee, Russia has you covered. They can play in the big leagues as well, with high-end and impressive brands with high-end beans and traditional, proven and perfected roasting techniques. Elite Coffee is a brand that prides itself on finding the highest quality coffee beans from all around the world. They work to create a full-bodied blend that has a strong aroma. They have an exotic taste with bitter and sweet notes that is hard to mistake. This brand of coffee is a great coffee if you are searching to make the ideal cup of coffee with the best blend that you can find.


This is a high-end coffee, and you can taste the quality in every sip. You will not be disappointed in any cup of coffee made from the beans from this fantastic brand.

Moscow Coffee

There is a stigma in the United States against instant coffee. Although you can buy it here, it is not often highly regarded. This is not true everywhere in the world. In Russia, instant coffee is quite popular and has a great deal of success. Their instant coffee isn’t bad at all either. If you are looking to dive into the world of instant coffee, it may as well be from a culture that appreciates how good it can truly be.

This instant coffee uses high-quality arabica coffee beans and makes a point to avoid additives and other extraneous factors that may affect flavor, taste or quality. For an instant coffee, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the flavor reached by this brand.


Russian Flavor

Good coffee can come from anywhere. There is no place that is excluded from the world of providing delicious and rich coffee flavors. Russia is no exception in the ability to make great coffee. There are multiple varieties of coffee that are produced in mother Russia, and they are surprisingly good. The Russians have taken techniques from around the world and put their own special touch on them. The result is some delicious brands that are well worth trying.

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