bowl Whole Bean CoffeeOne of the great things about buying in local coffee stores is that the dealers can give you some sort of expertise. Just imagine you’ve visited your local coffee store because you really want to order a German Coffee Thermos. However, without the assist of coffee dealers, you can end up getting a completely different product as you actually don’t know what exactly  you are looking for. Their expertise in the area of coffee products is the answer you need.

As so it goes, try to look around for your favorite coffee shops or local roasters. Hopefully, if you are living in an area where coffee drinks are popular, then you may shop for a small batch, the local coffee stores willing to sell coffee beans directly. Otherwise, you can check or look out in your neighborhood for coffee shops, which receive high-rated reviews.

Head in for a cup of coffee and see if you like their flavor or not. If the answer is yes, try to ask them “Are their coffee beans available to sell”. For most of the time, the big brand coffee stores are usually happy to sell their coffee bean as it’s one of their promotional products.

Of course, this is actually my favorite way to look for a new and delicious coffee. The main reason, simply because it does give you a chance of “try before you purchase”. This is actually my favorite way to find new and interesting coffee, and it gives you a real “try before you buy” opportunity that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Some of my favorite roasters (Ceremony and Intelligentsia, which are just a couple of blocks from my home) are small batch roasters.Now you are probably wondering:

“What about Starbucks’s coffee or other grocery stores?”

Well, the variety of Starbucks whole bean coffee can surprise you. The coffee beans were first harvested in Indonesia then traveling to Europe and were exposed to fluctuating temperatures in the wooden hulls of sailing ships. Carefully aged 4 to 5 years, these coffee beans’ cedary spice notes and fully combine with the depth of Pacific coffees.

Whether you like Starbucks drinks or not, obviously they’re not the only place where you can buy high-quality whole bean coffee. However, if you are a fan of Starbucks coffee, just go for it. For most of the time, they print use by dates on the bag. As I mentioned a lot in other articles, I definitely would not recommend buying coffee beans in the local supermarket instead of go directly to your well-known local coffee stores.

Only a few people actually buy coffee beans at the supermarket, if they do, they all regret it as soon as they use it to make a cup of coffee. I wouldn’t say the quality was bad, but for some reasons, I couldn’t like its flavor.

whole-bean-coffeeThe expertise in your local coffee products can probably be located on the net, but you need to be aware of the right methods by which to probe and dig for your required coffee guidance.

Hopefully, after spending time reading this article, you are now fully aware of the good and bad quality coffee products whenever you go out to shop. In my opinion, whether it is offline coffee buying or online coffee buying, they always its own benefits and drawbacks. There is only one question to ask that matters: “Do those coffee beans really fit your taste?”.

Feel free to leave a comment below, I really want to hear what’s your opinion about this topic.