They say that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that drink coffee and those that drink tea. What would you way if I told you that there was a third kind of person? Someone that drinks neither? NO! Someone that mixes coffee and tea together! I am not talking about those that drink both separately. I am talking about people that mix them together and drink them? Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but when I heard of it, I was intrigued. So that begs the question, why mix them together, and of course, is it any good?

Is Coffee Mixed With Tea Any Good?

The trend of mixing coffee and tea has apparently been growing for some time. There are different tea and coffee combos that have been making their way around the coffee community. Many people have their favorites, and the combos have a number of varieties. I was surprised just how many kinds of mixtures there were.


One thing I learned very fast when trying to dive into the world of mixing these drinks. I learned that mixing coffee and tea is a very particular science. It is not something you can do willy-nilly, mixing whatever coffee and tea you like together in any combination that you like. There are skill and intention behind these mixed drinks. Although if you are really adventurous, you can try to mix whatever you like, be ready for some strange surprises and interesting combinations.

The coffee and tea mixtures that are popular and are often utilized are most often a chai and coffee mixture, or green tea and coffee concoction. You may even be able to find these mixes at your local coffee shops and cafes. If they are not on a menu, you can ask, and you may be surprised that the barista knows what you are talking about, and knows how to make it just right.


Both of the primary mixes, the chai tea and coffee and the green tea and coffee mix have their different appeals. Thew chai and coffee combination tastes more like a coffee with a hint of chai flavor. This, of course, is depending on how far you want to push the flavor. Usually, the mix is mostly coffee with a splash of chai tea for some spice, but you can experiment with the ratios as much as you like. Typically you would start with a base of coffee, but you can change the ratio and have the base be the chai tea if you wish. It makes for a more earthy and robust drink than if it were coffee that made the base for the mix. If you like the robust and earthy flavor of the chai base, you can even start with a chai base then add in a shot of espresso and a dash of milk for an interesting drink mixture.


The green tea and coffee mixture, while not as full of differing flavor profile options, may actually have some health benefits if it is consumed in moderation. Green tea is a lighter and more subtle flavor, and pairs better with softer more blond roasts of coffee. There are many different blends of green tea, and most of them work with this kind of mix. You can experiment with the varieties of tea and coffee mixes, but the lighter roasts are definitely recommended to mix with this variety of tea. The combination of green tea and coffee is often a sweet and full flavor that can be quite satisfying. Tossing in some milk can make the mix a bit richer. If you want to stay on the lighter side, almond milk or frothed and foamed milk is an amazing choice. These additions can really enhance and highlight the flavors. Unlike the chai tea and coffee mix, the green tea and coffee mix needs more balance. With the chai tea, you can use either the tea or the coffee as a base and use the other to enhance and add complexity to the profile. With the green tea mix, on the other hand, you want both flavors to be present and marry well together. Neither component should overpower the other. What is great about this mix is that you can drink it hot, or you can chill the combination, and it works perfectly as a cold drink. It can be used all day as a little pick me up, and does not need to remain heated at all times. A bit of sweetness can even make it reminiscent of a southern sweet tea.

The health benefits of the green tea and coffee mixture are interesting as well. The green tea has plenty of agents that work as a fat-busting agent, and the coffee is a stimulant that can give you that get up and go energy. It can be the perfect early morning Monday pickup that you need to get your week kick started.


While there are endless combinations of different kinds of coffee and varieties of tea that you can mix and match to make different wild flavors, these two combinations are the best starting place for your to dive into the world of mixing coffees and teas. They are two fantastic places to start as both are very different and rich in their own ways.

An Interesting Match

Coffee and tea are a match you may not be familiar with, but it is a combination that many people have been exploring lately. The flavor combination of these two components are interesting and diverse and can make a number of delicious drinks. You can experiment with many different coffees and teas, but the two primary combinations that you will find is chai tea and coffee and green tea and coffee. These two kinds of mixes are amazing and are a perfect jumping on spot for anyone trying to mix these two drinking into one concoction.

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