beautiful cup of latte art

fN6hZMWqRHuFET5YoApH_StBalmainCoffeeIt goes without saying that to create a great taste latte require some specific milk. Milk and latte have been an unseparated friend for a long time. Skilled baristas combine them to make a delicious drink since the earliest days of coffee making.

To do so, choosing an ideal milk for your latte is a critical task. If you don’t know how to pick the best milk for your latte, don’t worry.

Therefore, I make this post help you out.

If you’re a fan of latte art, this picking step is very important. You probably wonder why? Because every dairy used for frothing milk or steaming milk may produce different results. Their milk’s protein structures are different from the others, it results in your milk will be foamed or not.

It means depending on what froth milk outcome you want, you’ll have to choose the specific milk for it. For instance, if you want to achieve a thick froth, you probably want to pick coconut milk or almond milk.

Moreover, if you dream of making an excellent latte at home, non-fat milk, 2 % milk … should be the best milk for latte. You don’t need to be a professional barista in order to make a perfect latte. All you need is an electric milk frother in your kitchen.

Actually, we also have a post to help you picking the best milk frother for latte here. Having an automatic milk frother will definitely save your time on coffeeing as well as take your making coffee experience to a whole new level.

So that you won’t have to go to your local coffee store ever again. Now, we’ll take a further look at these milk, their pros & cons and why you need it.almond-milk

1/ Almond Milk in Coffee

Almond milk is one of the most popular milk alternatives in US and many other countries. As the name itself, almond milk is produced from ground almonds. Therefore, it is slightly beige in color but don’t worry.

It may not provide as much protein or calcium like normal cow milk. However, almond milk has a great taste in compare with other substitute milk. Moreover, it is very healthy and recommended as the best type of milk for making latte. You can steam almond milk for dairy free latte.

As mentioned above, almond milk provides lots of beneficial things for your health. Vitamins, increased levels of antioxidants and minerals are also included in the product.

9 Reasons Why You Must Use Almond Milk in Coffee

  • Increase your bone’s strength.
  • Help your heart healthy.
  • Barely affect to your blood sugar
  • Not contain lactose
  • Taste much better than normal cow-milk
  • Increase your muscle strength
  • Help control your digestion
  • Easy to make and use
  • Able to keep in normal temperature

That should cover all the reasons why almond milk is selected to be your best milk alternative for latte.

coconut-milk2/ Coconut Milk in Coffee

Undoubtedly, Coconut is a famous fruit using for skin care as well as healthcare. However, their range of use doesn’t stop there.

Nowadays, more and more people tend to use coconut milk for their healthy purpose as they could decrease the chance of heart disease as well as weighting loss.

This specific milk contains high levels of many vitamins E, B1, C, B5, B6 … as well as various beneficial minerals. However, this thick milk provides roughly from 20% to 22% of saturated fat, which is efficiently turned into your energy.

It means in spite of the high amount of saturated fat, coconut milk is capable of helping you to lose weight. For the best taste of latte, coconut milk is also recommended as the Capresso’s best non-dairy alternative.

In fact, recently, Starbucks has added coconut milk in coffee as it is the most requested customer idea of all time. And I would say it’s a perfect addition to the menu.

soy-milk3/ Soy Milk in Coffee

I couldn’t forget the first time that I tried a soy milk latte when I was with my friend in LA. I was totally stunned by its taste and creamy texture.

Soy milk, which is made from boiling beans with water, is a very nutritious drink. It does contain a lot of healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins. It may surprise you that soy milk has been always the first non-dairy choice of professional baristas for various reasons.

Firstly, soy milk helps making the best milk froth. You can steam soy milk to a consistency level that could even compare to cow’s milk. Thus, it is considered to be used to serve any espresso drink.

Beside the foamy texture, soy milk does an amazing job in improving your blood lipid profile. In contrast with cow-milk, which contains high levels of saturated fat, soy milk fat is most likely unsaturated.

Like other non-dairy milk, soy milk is a great choice for those who want to lose their weight. Because it contains a lower sugar than dairy milk. Most important, according to a recent research, soy milk actually help you decrease the chance of prostate cancer.

You won’t need to buy a fancy electric coffee machine to create a great taste of latte. All you need is choosing the right milk and steam it properly. These milk are very easy to make if they aren’t available in your local shop.

So what’s your favorite non-dairy milk for latte drink? As always, thanks for reading.