Review: Capresso frothPRO


Highly affordable milk frother.


8 oz for frothed milk and 12 oz for heated (non-frothed) milk

Customer's Feedback

This milk frother receives lots of positive reviews recently. 



  • Easy to handle.
  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to adjust the settings - 3 temperature: hot, cold and warm.
  • See-through lid feature.
  • The pitcher and lid are totally dishwasher safe.


  • Fire hazard potential due to overheat.
  • Not many customers are satisfied with the product.


Consider the time you’d save on a milk frother like the Capresso frothPRO Milk. Frothing milk is as simple as putting it in and hitting go.

Despite what some of the critics might say about this product, that’s worth the cost right there for a lot of customers. If you regularly make lattes and cappuccinos, this product might be the exact one you need.


#6 MILK FROTHER - 4.0/5 stars milk frother - Large capacity & Easy to Use

The Capresso frothPRO milk frother is a fast and easy alternative to traditional frothing methods. Instead of using a want to heat up in frothing milk, you’re simply using a frother, which is a lot easier. With the the Capresso frothPRO , you get a lot of features that you don’t get from other milk frothers. In this short milk frother review, we’d love to give you further details about this product and how to use it to make a perfect frothed milk.

# Capresso frothPRO Milk Frother Review 2016

This milk frother may be a bit small but it can produces an extremely amazing frothed or steamed milk with push of a button. There are 3 temperature settings available – Hot, Warm and Cold. Either your choice is, the results’ll be unexpectedly delicious.

Moreover, the Capresso frothPRO milk frother offers various options as an ideal complement to every coffee lover and hot chocolate maker. It is a semi-automatic machine that could makes frothed milk either hot or cold in a small metal pitcher.

# Product Features

  • Exclusive frothing disk (patent pending) offers maximum milk froth.
  • Two automatic shutout for protected operation.
  • Significant Capacity– 8 oz for frothing or 12 ounce for warming with out frothing.
  • 3 temperature settings available: cold, hot, warm.
  • Damage resistant nostick milk pitcher with stay cool handle.
  • Three illuminated operating buttons.
  • Two frothing disks / One heating disk.
  • Dishwasher safe easyily-removed milk pitcher with see-through lid.

# Pros

One of the best features is a see-through lid. You can actually see the milk that you’re frothing during the process. This takes away some of the guesswork of figure out whether or not your milk is done.

You can see pretty much immediately whether or not you been frothing the milk for long enough. For beginners, this is a much better alternative than guessing whether or not you actually frothed your milk.

Another great feature of the Capresso frothPRO is the handle. Having a separate handle for your pitcher allows you to pick up the hot milk easily without burning your hand.

This makes it much easier to handle hot frothed milk even after it’s just been heated up. While it may seem like a simple feature, it helps a lot when it comes to actually serving the frothed milk.

It also has a large capacity, scratch resistant, ceramic-coated pitcher. This pitcher is extremely durable. It can endure a lot of heat, scratching, drops, and other types of damage that might cause the pitcher to wear out.

The settings are pretty easy to adjust as well. It comes with three temperature settings: hot, cold, and warm. The illuminated buttons are easy to see the first thing in the morning when the sun is just coming up or late at night.

It’s also dishwasher safe so you can put a right into the dishwasher after you’re done using it. You need your hands dirty just clean up. The parts all separate well enough that it’s pretty easy to clean as well.

# Cons

One of the complaints in milk frother reviews we found for the product include the short product life. Some customers report that this product only lasted a few months. While that’s definitely a minority situation, it’s something to consider.

The product is very reasonably priced so buying a new one after year two might not be such a big deal. It can be worth the risk to at least try it out.

Another occasional downside people reported with the Capresso frothPRO milk frother is a fire hazard. Occasionally the product has been known to overheat. This can cause a potential fire hazard in your home.

I’ll be careful about leaving this product plugged in or leaving it on for long periods of time. I would also be sure to contact the company if anything like this were to happen. You’re most likely entitled to a refund.

# How to Use

The Capresso frothPRO Automatic Milk Frother is equipped with a milk pitcher with lid, 2 frothing disks, one heating disk and the base unit. One of the disks is installed inside the dairy pitcher. Another disk and the heating disk are stored underneath the bottom of the machine.

  • Before the first USE

Make sure you clean the milk pitcher and the disks with running warm water. Then you have to completely dry the underside of the milk pitcher.

  • How to use the Frothing Disk

Because of the capacity and the long-term use, make sure you never fill more than 8 oz of milk or chocolate milk into the milk pitcher. Or else, warmed milk could spill over the pitcher onto the heating platform. And it could cause damage the interor parts of the milk frother.

  • How to use the Heating Disk

Never fill more than 12 oz. of milk or chocolate milk onto the milk pitcher.

# Make a Perfect Frothed Milk with Capresso frothPRO milk frother

After purchasing the machine, some may find it hard to make perfect frothed milk for Cappuccino or Lattes. Therefore, in this Capresso frothPRO milk frother review, we’d love to give you some tips on how to choose the best type of milk to froth (for cappuccinos) or to steam (for lattes).

  • The best types of Milk to froth (for Cappuccinos)
    • Non-Fat or skimmed milk offers the biggest foam bubbles and very easy to froth for a beginner.
    • 2% Milk will also foam as well as add a more creamy taste than non-fat milk.
    • Other kinds of milk for example soy milk can lose the bubbles rapidly because the protein structures of milk can’t fully support the milk bubbles.
    • Make sure you don’t use Organic and Lactose free milk with other kinds of milk.
  • The best types of Milk to steam (for Lattes)
    • Non-fat milk, 2% Milk, whole milk, organic and lactose free milk offer the perfect results for your latte.
    • Soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk can be heated for a dairy free latte alternative.

The important factor in making a perfect frothed milk is using fresh and cold milk. The fresh milk should be used within 10 days since your purchase and only 5 days if you want to use it for frothing.

For the better results, the cold milk should be taken directly from the refrigerator and froth it immediately. Then, make sure you clean the milk frother machine after each use.

# What do the customers say? Extremely Love it!

Some customers also complained that the Capresso frothPRO is not exactly reliable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, as is the case with many the people that bought it. Again this experience is largely in a minority.

Most of the customers who purchase the product find it works just fine, but some customers complained that the heat settings malfunction or the device just doesn’t work it all sometimes.

Either way, it’s important to know what some of the people have had problems with before purchasing. Fortunately, if you’re a bit confuse at the moment, here’s some of frothed milk along with possitive customer’s feedback.

Review: Capresso frothPRO

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Consider the time you'd save on a milk frother like the Capresso frothPRO Milk. Frothing milk is as simple as putting it in and hitting go.
Despite what some of the critics might say about this product, that's worth the cost right there for a lot of customers. If you regularly make lattes and cappuccinos, this product might be the exact one you need.


#6 MILK FROTHER - 4.0/5 stars milk frother - Large capacity & Easy to Use