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What Is Dark Roast Coffee?


There are many different types of coffee beans available in America as well as there are more than one type of roast coffee. In fact, lots of coffee shops serve the light or medium roast coffee. Once coffee lovers realize how bad they can affect on their stomach as they contain more acid and higher volume of caffeine, people just tend to be more interested in dark roast coffee.

As they said, there are 3 types of roasted coffee: light, medium and dark. Virtually, they have a difference in color. However, the flavor from each type of roasted beans may seem to contrast.

The first thing that strikes you is its bold, rich flavor. Those flavors have been burnt off or overshadowed by the flavor of full caramelization. Besides that, dark roast coffee can bring you a hint of darkness. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you’re having cowboy coffee, which is dark, rich and pretty stewy.

Apart from the favor, one research found that dark roast coffee beans contain less caffeine than the lighter beans as they lost some of the caffeine during the roasting process. Therefore, the next time, you may consider a lighter roast coffee if you want a productive morning.

dark-roasted-coffee-beansWhy Dark Roasted Coffee Beans Bring Out Strong Flavor

Whether you want to make your own level roasted coffee beans or simply purchase from the local coffee stores, there are some important facts that might help you to choose the best roast coffee beans out of it.

As you may know, all coffee beans start out with a green color. Then they are roasted and ground into coffee drinks, which is pretty much our most familiar thing. The truth is that everyone who has ever drunk coffee has tasted both a delicious and a terrible cup of coffee once or twice. Of course, the coffee only requires hot water, but sometimes the flavor of coffee may vary from one extreme to another.
Some people may find a solution as they add an extra ingredient to their cup. However, for all coffee purists who love the original flavor of coffee beans, getting an excellent roasted coffee beans have never been an easy task.
Surprisingly, the pricing has no connection with quality. In this circumstance, “the more expensive, the better quality” may not be accurate. For example, you can pay much more money for a well-known instant coffee that tastes worse than the cheaper ground coffee bought from the local coffee shop.

Expensive Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee may cost more than a normal store-brand, but if it is stale and old, it will taste much better.

The amount of time since the beans were ground or roasted is the most critical factor that provide or break the coffee flavor. In fact, knowing how old the dark roasted beans were when the coffee was ground or how long ago the coffee beans were ground is something you can’t get when buying coffee in a local store.

Research shows that dark roasted coffee beans are at their best quality for about a month, so hopefully the coffee bought from a local store should have been grounded from those roasted beans during that time. As soon as the beans are ground, you should use it immediately to enjoy its freshness. Vacuum packing might retain some sort of the freshness, but if you want to make a perfect cup of coffee, using freshly ground beans to brew is way better to go.

brewing-cup-of-coffeeThere are also some tips to check out the age your coffee beans. If you have just bought a whole bag of dark roasted coffee beans, the way they’re packaged might tell you something about their age. If there is no way for CO2 to escape from the bag, then the coffee beans had been exposed to the air for a couple days before packaging. Otherwise, they were packaged immediately to maintain its freshness.

While roasted coffee beans are considered fresh within 30 days, true coffee lovers might tell that 3 days is the limit if you want the best tasting coffee. As the beans pass 3 days, they will start to lose their aromatic oils. Thus, for better tasting coffee, the advice is to buy green coffee beans and roast them at home.

Before roasting, you must have an coffee roaster. If you haven’t got one, read our best home coffee roaster reviews to find out the best coffee roasters available on the market as well as their price and capability.

It usually takes less than 30 minutes to roast your own beans. Unfortunately, the home coffee roasters only allow roasting small batches at once. But don’t worry because they can guarantee you a high-quality cup of coffee that includes bold and fresh flavor. For those who don’t have a chance in roasting coffee beans at home, make sure you choose a coffee shop that revolves around coffee so that you know you’ll get high-quality every time.