Whole Bean Coffee

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Today’s topic is all about the whole coffee bean. So get ready cause you’re about to find out everything you need to know before you buy a bag of coffee beans.

Whole Bean Coffee Honest Review

If you are a choosy coffee drinker just like me, then you probably know that whole bean coffee is the way to go. Because the whole bean coffee can stay fresh much longer. Moreover, if you want to brew it after grinding it, you are able to get a flavor that you can’t achieve from pre-ground coffee. Even some mediocre whole bean coffee brands don’t taste as good as you expect if you don’t brew it right after grinding.

The best whole bean coffee probably can be found in Costa Rica. A famous place for its coffee’s reputation. Fortunately, I was keen to try some genuine Costa Rica’s brews while I was visiting there last August. There’s only one thing to say that I was completely blown away by the flavors.

In spite of the fact that I always wanted to try the experience last as long as possible, I managed to carry as much coffee bean with me as possible. Obviously, knowing for a fact that the bean’s freshness is much better preserved when the coffee beans are yet to be ground. So I decided to bring back the whole bean coffee to make it last longer.

As soon as I got home, I quickly put two of the three bags in the refrigerator and left the other out for immediate use. I was totally in love with the outcome’s flavor. The whole bean coffee just brings me back to Costa Rica whenever I crushed it. Somehow, it turns out to be a great experience for me as I didn’t bring back already grounded coffee, otherwise it would have lost lots of its unique taste.

slide-beans-coolingThe only problem with whole bean coffee is that you need to grind it, which means you need to have a coffee grinder in your kitchen. Just make sure that you have to clean your grinder before the next use, otherwise your coffee will begin to taste weird. However, if the flavor isn’t really an issue to you, or just simply you don’t have much time and patience, then whole bean coffee may be not appealing to you that much.

For the record, a lot of coffee drinkers don’t even own a coffee grinder because buying a new machine and do more extra steps to make your coffee probably sound complicated or more expensive to them. However, there is still something great about just being able to add some ground coffee into the coffee machine, then having a pot brewed in approximately 5-6 minutes with not much effort.

Therefore, I usually have both whole bean coffee and already ground coffee in an airtight jar. Sometimes, if I‘m in a rush situation, I often use the ground coffee. If I do have lots of time to enjoy and relax, the fresh whole bean coffee should be my best option as it will give more delicious flavor.

Find High-Quality Whole Bean Coffee in Your Area

“Shopping coffee at a grocery store is like buying fish at a shoe store”, says Carmichael. “ More than ninety-percent of the coffee in the world just taste like coffee. More or less you’re stuck with a roast. Therefore, somehow we are connected to roasters through the Internet. You can easily order the world’s best coffee just with your mobile phone.

bag-coffee-beansHowever, it all depends on what type of coffee beans you want and how patient you are. Just knowing a fact that these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you really want to make a cup of coffee immediately, then go shopping around your local coffee store should be a perfect choice. However, if you like to have some famous coffee beans like the Green Kenyan, then you probably need to take some searching on the Internet.

The first drawback of buying coffee products locally is that the variety of products is usually beneath that held by the online stores. Because it takes a lot of money to buy expensive coffee grinders as it will take more time to preserve or maintain the coffee products at its right condition. However, the online stores usually get the products directly from the manufacturers so that it will skip the preservation part, which means the beans can be fresher.

The great thing about buying locally coffee products is that you are can check out the dealer to look at the products before you actually purchase.

For some reasons, having a real human interaction with a merchant can turn out to be a terrific advantage. Just imagine you’ve ordered a Brazilian Santos pack or a Celebes Kalossi Toraja pack, and it has some problem with the ordered products, then you need to return it. So now it can be a matter of simply trading the merchandise you bought for an identical product or another item.

Fortunately, the process of returning the ordered products can occur very quickly so that you can receive a replaced product. However, if you bought coffee beans via an online coffee store, you probably have to pay for the delivery costs and wait for the store returns your cash or send you a replacement bag of coffee beans.

Shopping on Amazon – Ship Online & Deliver World Wide

If you can’t purchase a decent roaster in the local area, and the big brand stores aren’t helping you, you still have another choice. Another way is buying whole bean coffee online, which can save you lots of time. Sometimes you can even get a chance to receive their discounted price for a bulk order.

Obviously, tons of famous, world-class roasters are happy to ship their coffee beans direct to your home. These are some well-known roasters with high positive customer feedbacks, specifically Tonx, Mistobox, Blue Bottle Coffee… Fortunately, if you’re not familiar with their order process, you can purchase whole bean coffee via Amazon, which is pretty much easier. Your whole bean coffee is guaranteed  to deliver on time with the highest quality.

Recently, we’ve made an article included the top 3 coffee beans so that you can make a delicious cup of coffee at home.

Hopefully, we’ve outlined you all the information you need to know about whole bean coffee. Therefore, you can try out these tips in the next time you want a good taste coffee.

Just remember, like any other hobbies, it’s all about your personal experience—you can spend as much as you want or dive as deep into it as you like, your choice. You probably don’t need to spend lots of money to buy any expensive coffee gears to get your loved brew. Thus,just simply do what you like, experiment and embrace.

In conclusion, when it comes to shopping coffee in the local area or shopping online, I usually let price and convenience dictate my options. Of course, there’re tons of marginal benefit to shopping at Amazon or BestBuy, but maybe it’s not enough to offset  the better prices and vastly broader choice.

So what about you?

Do you prefer to shop locally than shop online? Leave a comment below 🙂