bag-coffee-beansIf you have just purchased a bag of coffee beans, then leaving your beans exposed to the air might be one of the worst scenarios for all coffee drinkers. As soon as the air gets in, your coffee beans start to lose their flavor. In fact, the more time they are exposed to air, the worse flavor they get.

Every coffee company seals the bags to keep the coffee beans fresh while placing them on the shelves, but once the seal is broken, it’s all downhill from there. Thus, purchasing whole coffee beans and try grinding them at home is one of the best ways to ensure that the coffee can stay as flavorful as possible.

Sound interesting, right? But, how?

Most people find themselves struggling in grinding coffee beans. So the question is “How to grind your coffee beans like a professional?

Different types of coffee require different types of grinding, same as roasting coffee beans. If you want to have the cup of coffee as flavorful as possible, then you will need to use the coffee grinder properly.

There are hundreds coffee grinders available on the market to get your job done. If you want to do everything manually, there are manual models from that you can crank the grinder yourself until the coffee beans are completely ground up. Otherwise, you can use the automatic ones and leave all the hard job for them as they can automatically grind the beans into the coffee grounds.

Top 3 Burr Coffee Grinder

If you want to have the most control over the finest of the grind, then owning a Burr Coffee grinder is a great way to do so. Here is the TOP 3 Burr Coffee Grinder with price under $100 and rated over 4 out of 5 stars:

Another advantage of the burr grinders over the blade is that they can grind the coffee beans into a uniform size, leading to a better tasting cup of coffee. In fact, those blade coffee grinders do not offer this kind of consistency as well as provide uneven particles. For those burr grinder owners, they also don’t have to deal with clogs. Moreover, they are able to choose the exact fineness of the coffee beans.types-coffee-grind

On the other hand, the blade coffee grinders are much cheaper and more common in kitchens. So the tip is whenever you use one, it is better to grind your coffee beans in short bursts. Don’t just hold the trigger button and expect an even grind. In order to get a better ground result, try to pulse the grinder as it will result in a more flavor coffee. Most important, remember not to over grind your coffee beans.

If you want to brew your own coffee with a percolator or a French Press coffee machine, then you probably need a coarser grind. Once you have purchased the coffee beans, place them in the grinder and tap the trigger button a few times as you would use the pulse feature on the food processor.

The goal is to break the beans evenly so that they will look like tiny pieces of coffee beans. If the result looks like a powder, then you might have to start again. Just make sure you tap the button, not to hold it down.

The Automatic drip coffee machines usually produce the best result with medium grinds. Those grinds, which you could find in the supermarket, are medium grinds. Visually, they probably look like the brown sand. However, the major difference between them and other grinds is their uniformity and consistency.

Once again, while holding the coffee grinder button, don’t get carried away and over grind your coffee beans. You do not want a fine powder if you’re going to use an automatic coffee maker.

In Conclusion

In short, grinding your own coffee beans to brew your own coffee drinks is an amazing way to ensure that you will get the freshest coffee. Sometimes, they might taste bitter or little different from those that you purchase from the coffee stores, but the good thing is you are able to know what type of coffee beans is (are they good or bad) as well as how the coffee are made (do they add something to your cup of coffee?). However, you can improve the flavor by grinding your coffee beans properly, which is an important factor of brewing excellent coffee.